The best bird deterrents can help you and your garden escape the clutches of pesky pests. Whether it's a sparrow, pigeon, or even a seagull that have you concerned about your outdoor space, we've sorted through the masses of products to bring you our top recommendations for keeping unwanted birds at bay.

We're focusing on sprays and spikes as they tend to be affordable and easy to use. There are also electronic bird deterrents that send out ultrasonic waves but these tend to be more expensive and not always suitable for smaller backyards.

If you're worried about using harmful chemicals around children or pets, then check out our guide to non-toxic plants instead. If it's midges rather than birds that have got you down this summer, take a look at our round-up of the best mosquito repellents too - there are plenty on offer!

We hope you find your next favorite thing from the list below! Each product was independently selected by our editors. ConsistentReviews may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). We hope you find your next favorite thing!

How We Choose

You want a bird deterrent that is easy to use and effective. You also don't want to have to deal with any harmful chemicals or mess around with sticky tapes all day long.

Our team did dozens of hours of research into different types of bird deterrents, reading through customer reviews and comparing features side-by-side. We looked at things like effectiveness, ease of use, safety for pets and humans, and overall value for money.

After our research was complete, we compiled a list of the five best bird deterrents on the market according to our own criteria. We hope this article helps you find an option that works well for your needs!

BRITENWAY Premium Quality Bird Deterrent

Simple & Effective Bird Control Solution

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Why We Love It

If you've been trying to get rid of pigeons for a while but keep running into the same problem, then this bird-diverting tape is what you need. It's an eco-friendly and wildlife-friendly solution that will take care of your pest problem without hurting them or the environment.

What You Should Know

The non-toxic, reflective iridescent scare tape will take of it for you without hurting them or the environment. All you have to do is place the stripes in areas where you're facing the problem, such as rooftops, decks, or tree branches, and wait for the feathery visitors to leave once and for all. The product features are PURCHASE WITH PEACE OF MIND! We have worked hard in order to offer you the best repellent scare tape your money can buy. However, if you feel that our product did not rise to your high standards we offer a full money-back guarantee.

ECO-FRIENDLY & WILDLIFE FRIENDLY! You don't have to resort to drastic measures in order to get rid of your bird problem. Our non-toxic, reflective iridescent scare tape will take of it for you without hurting them or the environment! INCREDIBLY EASY TO INSTALL! All you need to do is cut the number of stripes you need and place them in an area that.

Hausse 2 Pack Fake Horned Owl Bird Scarecrow Decoy, Plastic Owl Bird Deterrents

Bird Repellent Garden Protectors

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Why We Love It

If you have a balcony, patio, or porch and are looking for an effective way to keep birds and other pests away from your home, then consider purchasing an owl statue. These garden protectors are designed to be intimidating and can help prevent animal intrusion by scaring off unwanted guests.

What You Should Know

These statues feature realistic designs with eagle-like beaks, frightening eyes, and detailed feathers to create a terrifying look. They are made of sturdy molded plastic and seem very realistic in design. The bottom tab on each statue is designed for easy filling with sand for more stability when placed on a stick or pole.

Bird Repellent Garden Protectors: Horned Owl is set comes in two pieces that measure 10.5 x 5.2 x 5 inches each; it's made of plastic so it's eco-friendly as well as wildlife friendly - no harm is done to the animals!

HOMESCAPE CREATIONS Ornamental Spinner Deterrent Control Device

Easily Create Your Anti-Bird Zone

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Why We Love It

The Homescape Bird Deterring Spiral Plastic Rods are a great solution for those looking for an environmentally friendly way to prevent bird strikes. These plastic spiral rods are made from innocuous material that will not harm a single feather, so you don't have to worry about hurting the birds or the humans who might be nearby.

What You Should Know

These spools can be used as deterrents around your home and garden, but they can also be used as window guards to protect your assets from damage by flying debris. They are also effective at scaring off woodpeckers and other birds from adapting to their environment, making them a valuable tool in preventing damage to property and keeping unwanted pests away from your home.

The only downside is that they do need direct sunlight and a breeze in order to work best, so it's important you place them where they'll get plenty of exposure during the day. However, if you're looking for an eco-friendly solution for protecting your assets without harming any birds - these spiral plastic rods will definitely help!

GiftExpress 15.5" Scarecrow Owl Decoy with Bird Deterrent

It's Made From High-End Weatherproof PE Plastic

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Why We Love It

The GiftExpress Owl Decoy is a great way to add some natural wildlife to your garden or yard. This owl decoy features a 16.5-inch lifelike design and rotates its head for realistic bird behavior.

What You Should Know

The hand-painted vivid color adds to the realism of this product, making it perfect for adding some fun and life to your outdoor space. It's made from high-end weatherproof PE plastic that is perfect for your garden or yard, so you can be sure it will last through the elements.

This owl decoy comes in an assortment of different colors, so you can find one that matches the rest of your landscaping scheme. Whether you're looking for a scarecrow or just want some added wildlife in your backyard - this owl decoy is sure to bring something new and exciting to any landscape!

Sfcddtlg Hanging Reflective Bird Deterrent Device

Bird Repellent Spiral Reflecto

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Why We Love It

The Sfcddtlg Hanging Bird Deterrent Ornamental Spinner is a great way to keep birds away from your yard without harming them. The ornamental spinner uses light and wind movement to confuse the birds, keeping them away from your garden instead of killing them.

What You Should Know

The bird deterrent spinner comes in four different colors so you can choose the one that matches your home best. It's made of durable plastic material so it won't break or get damaged easily. It also floats in the wind, making it easy to install anywhere you want to protect from pesky birds.

You can use this bird deterrent spinner year-round, as long as there are no harsh elements such as rain or snow that could damage it. Overall, this product is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy and effective way to keep unwanted birds away from their property without hurting them.

Hausse Hanging Reflective Bird Deterrent Device

Bird Repellent Spiral Reflecto

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Why We Love It

The Hausse Bird Repellent Spiral Reflectors are a great way to keep birds away from your garden without harming them. They're made of plastic and are safe for both humans and animals.

What You Should Know

Each spinner has a silver Mylar finish on one side, with a mirrored surface on the other side. When the wind blows, the reflective surface catches the light and makes it seem like there's something shiny in the air that will scare off birds. The result is that they'll avoid flying through the area where these things are hanging out.

These bird deterrents can be used at farms, orchards, gardens, barns, trees and anywhere else you want to protect from pesky birds getting in your way. Each spinner is 15 inches tall so they're easy to find a place to hang them where they'll get plenty of light exposure but won't be too conspicuous looking at them straight on.

Bird B Gone RFLT-1 Reflect-a-Bird Deterrent

Silent, Economical Humane Bird Deterrent

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Why We Love It

Bird B Gone Reflect-a-Bird Bird Deterrent is a unique product that uses flashing lights and mirrors to create a distraction zone that confuses pest birds. The product comes with an angle mount, so you can adjust it to suit your needs.

What You Should Know

The reflect-a-bird bird deterrent is made of durable aluminum and plastic, making it suitable for outdoor use. The unit runs on the wind, sunlight, and reflective flashes to scare away birds from your yard or boat. It's a silent, economical, humane bird deterrent—so you don't have to worry about bothering the neighbors!

We recommend this product if you want to deter larger birds like crows instead of smaller ones like sparrows. However, if you're looking for an all-around solution then we suggest checking out our top pick below which has more features than Bird B Gone does - including being electric!

De-Bird: Repellent Disks - Bird Proof Your House & Garden with Hanging Bird Deterrent Reflectors 

Woodpecker Deterrent for House

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Why We Love It

The De-Bird Swivel Bird Deterrents are a great choice for anyone looking to protect their property from unwanted bird activity. These swivel-based deterrents are designed to be placed in problem areas, such as trees and bushes, where birds tend to nest or roost.

What You Should Know

They feature a lightweight design and an easy-to-use clip that allows them to be easily mounted without the need for any additional tools or hardware. Once installed, these bird repellents will rotate and reflect sunlight, which can serve as an effective deterrent against unwanted guests. Additionally, they are made from a durable acrylic material that is both safe for use around pets and people as well as environmentally friendly.

These bird-repellent discs come in multiple colors so that they can be matched with the surrounding landscape to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. They are also designed with wildlife-friendly in mind, making them a suitable option for those who do not wish to harm any living creatures. Overall, the De-Bird Swivel Bird Deterrents offer an affordable solution for those looking for repels birds from their property without sacrificing style or functionality in the process. Its flexibility gives it the ability to be installed in many locations to prevent harmful bird droppings from ruining your property.

Hedoc Bird Repellent Scare Discs - Large Reflective Bird Deterrent Control Device 

Bird Scare Discs swivel

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Why We Love It

The Hedoc Bird Scarers are a great option for anyone looking to keep birds away from their yard while also adding some fun and style. These bird-scaring discs are designed to swivel in the wind, making them an effective way to get rid of pesky birds without harming them.

What You Should Know

The Hedoc Bird Scarers come in a set of eight packs, each containing three double-sided mirrors that can be positioned around your garden or another area you want to be protected. The disc is made from durable plastic with reflective strips on both sides that make it easy for birds to see but not so easy for them to birds land on or near. They're also lightweight and easy to install, making these bird-scaring discs perfect for use during the summer months when there's plenty of activity going on outside.

While they may not offer as much protection against other types of wildlife such as rabbits or deer, these Hedoc Bird Scarers will help keep those pesky pigeons away from your home or garden while adding some fun and style at the same time!

Best Bird Deterrent FAQs

Bird control is a big concern for many homeowners. You want to make sure that you are doing the right thing when it comes to keeping birds away from your home, but where do you even begin? There are so many products available and it can be tough to figure out which one is best for your needs.

We've created a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about bird control products and included the best answers below, curated by our team of product experts. By the end of this article, you'll have all of the information necessary to confidently choose the best bird deterrent product for your needs!

Do Fake Owls Really Keep Birds Away?

Yes and no. While it's true that owls do prey on birds, they don't actually hunt them in your backyard. Owls typically swoop down, catch their prey, then fly off to a quieter location to eat — often a place where there are fewer other birds around. So while an owl might swoop down and grab the occasional sparrow or pigeon from your yard, it's certainly not going to make a dent in the local bird population unless you have dozens of them roosting near your feeders.

And fake owls aren't exactly great hunters either. They're often too large for small birds to see as threats, and just plain ugly enough that most birds will spot them coming from far away and avoid the area entirely (at least if there are more appealing places to be).

That said, fake owls can keep certain species of smaller birds away from specific areas you want to be protected from them. Sparrows are notorious for plundering feeders with little regard for what type of seed is in them, so if you have regular problems with these birds at your bird feeder(s), one of these fakes may help keep their numbers down.

What Is The Best Bird Deterrent For A Deck?

While there are plenty of options out there, the best bird deterrent for a deck will differ depending on your needs and the type of deck you have. For example, wire mesh or bird netting draped over your deck won't do much good if you have an elevated deck with open beams and no solid roof to deter birds from roosting. On the other hand, a mesh or net that hangs just below the surface can keep away pesky pigeons and squirrels without causing damage to your deck.

Similarly, while some bird repellents are more effective than others, it's important to choose one that matches both your budget and the severity of the problem you're facing. While Bird Blitzers feature motion-activated sound effects that scare off nuisance birds in theory, their effectiveness is questionable at best. Similarly, many electric fence systems claim to be effective against both small mammals and larger animals like deer – but in reality, they usually work best against smaller rodents only.

If you're looking for a cost-effective solution to prevent damage caused by waterfowl such as geese or ducks while still providing them with an area suitable for resting when they visit your property, consider investing in a temporary barrier such as a dock protector or floating fence system like those made by OutwaXt Incorporated.

Is There A Spray To Keep Birds Away From Porch?

While there are various bird deterrents on the market, including those that keep them away from specific areas such as feeders and nests, there is no spray or substance specifically designed to keep birds off of your porch. However, you can use a combination of different products to achieve similar results. For example, you can use a commercial spray such as Bird-X Anti-Plucker to deter large numbers of birds from landing in certain areas. Alternatively, you can use something like Dyno-Traps by setting one up near the spot where you don't want birds to roost.

You could also choose a product specifically designed for keeping birds off porches such as Dr. Beehner's No Pest Strips which uses capsaicin to irritate the skin of homing pigeons and other species commonly found on porches. We recommend testing any repellent or deterrent in an inconspicuous area before fully implementing it so that you know it won't harm your property or nearby animals.

Do Mothballs Keep Birds Away?

Thought to be an effective form of pest control, mothballs are often used by bird lovers to keep birds nesting and keep their feathered friends away from precious possessions and food sources.

While the odor of mothballs is certainly unpleasant for humans, birds have a much more sensitive sense of smell. In fact, some bird species can't even tolerate the low levels of toxins found in mothballs and will quickly vacate areas treated with them. Other animals such as cats and dogs may also feel the effects of these chemicals.

For this reason, it's not recommended that you use mothballs as bird repellents unless they're placed in sealed containers or other closed-off areas where pets and children cannot access them. Even then, there is no guarantee that the smell won't attract rodents either so if you want to protect your valuables from both birds and rodents it's best to opt for a product specifically designed for this purpose instead.

What Is The Best Owl To Keep Birds Away?

It depends on your situation. Some people who live in the country may want a barred owl because this species is more aggressive and will attack almost any type of bird. However, if you have an aviary that needs protection to prevent birds or other small animals, such as cats or dogs, then it's not a good idea to choose this predatory owl.

On the other hand, if you live in town and need protection from pigeons, crows, and starlings then a hawk owl might be a better choice because they are smaller and won't attack birds as large as geese or turkeys. These owls also tend to be less aggressive than barred owls so they are less likely to chase off pets unless provoked.

Will Aluminum Foil Keep Birds Away?

Aluminum foil is a popular solution for bird prevention, but it can be very messy and time-consuming. You'll have to spend time cutting up sheets of foil into small strips and then affixing them along the edges of your roof line or on any other places where you're seeing unwanted birds. Additionally, aluminum foil doesn't taste very good to most birds (which is why they avoid it), so you may find that after some time, the birds come back anyway.

While aluminum foil might keep some birds away initially, we don't recommend this method unless you're looking for a short-term solution and are willing to put in the work involved in changing out your pieces of foil regularly.

What Smell Do Birds Hate?

While it's true that some birds are bothered by certain odors, smells aren't the only thing that will drive them away. Bright lights and abrupt movements can also be quite frightening for birds. So if you're thinking about trying to shoo away a bird from your yard or garden with homemade solutions like pepper spray or fireworks, think again. These methods may effectively get rid of the bird temporarily, but they won't solve the underlying cause for its presence in your backyard – and birds have excellent memories when it comes to places where they've had unpleasant experiences.

What Does Putting A Fake Owl In Your Yard Do?

A fake owl is basically a decoy, and the idea is that it will trick the real owls into thinking there's an easy meal on offer. The theory goes that once an owl realizes there's no food to be had, it will move along to find its next meal elsewhere.

Owls are territorial birds, so they won't want to live in your yard if it already has a nest of their own kind. A fake owl may convince them to leave for greener pastures. If you're having other problems with wildlife such as rodents or cats, a fake owl might keep them away from specific areas of your property while letting other animals come and go as they please.

Where Do You Put A Fake Owl To Scare Birds?

Most fake owls are designed to sit on a branch or fence post, with their bodies angled downward as if they're swooping down for the kill. However, this positioning makes them easy pickings for real birds. For best results, put your owl in an elevated position so it seems like it's quietly hiding in the tree canopy and would pounce on unsuspecting prey from above. You can place your fake owl on a tree limb hidden by shrubs or other bushes or hang it from a tree branch using a fishing line.

Do Electronic Bird Repellers Work?

Electronic bird repellents use different methods to scare off unwanted birds. While the effectiveness of these devices depends on the target species and individual animal, most brands can effectively startle smaller birds such as sparrows and pigeons so they move away from a specific area.

Other electronic bird repellents emit sounds that are uncomfortable or even painful for certain species such as cats, dogs, or rats. This type of deterrent works best when it's used in an area where there is little or no human activity such as a warehouse or large yard.

It's important to note that electronic bird repellers aren't usually effective against larger birds such as crows and seagulls unless they're used in conjunction with other methods, including netting and trapping.

The best bird deterrent is one that meets all of your needs. The ideal solution will be effective, affordable, and safe for humans and pets. Look for a product that has been proven to work in other customers' yards without harming the birds or their habitats. Additionally, ensure that it is easy to set up and maintain so you don't have to spend too much time fussing over it. Finally, choose an environmentally friendly option so you can help responsibly protect our feathered friends. With these criteria in mind, any homeowner should be able to find the perfect bird deterrent for their yard!

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