If you're like most dog owners, your furry best friend has a way of getting tangled up in everything from leashes to couch cushions. While dogs may not be able to talk or voice their complaints, they do have an uncanny ability to get themselves into trouble that can leave them looking unkempt and even uncomfortable.

For those who don't have the patience or time to untangle every single knot with their fingers, there are products designed specifically for use on dogs. dog detangler sprays work by breaking down mats and tangles before using your fingers so that you can simply run the product through your dog's fur and watch as knots smooth out on their own. These products can also be used on other animals such as cats if desired.

Dog detanglers vary widely in a number of categories including price, type of ingredients used, fragrance, effectiveness, size, and more. By carefully examining all aspects of these products before making a purchase decision, you'll ensure that you're selecting one that works best for both yourself and your four-legged friend.

We hope you find your next favorite thing from the list below! Each product was independently selected by our editors. ConsistentReviews may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). We hope you find your next favorite thing!

How We Choose

Our team began our search for the best dog detangler by first looking at different products that are currently available on the market. We looked at a variety of factors including scent, formula, and price to help narrow down our list. From there, we conducted a few customer reviews to get an idea of real-world performance. After taking all of these factors into consideration, we were able to narrow down our list to the five best dog detanglers according to expert and customer reviews.

BioSilk for Dogs Silk Therapy Detangling Plus Shine Mist for Dogs

Best Detangling Spray for All Dogs & Puppies

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Why We Love It

The BioSilk Detangling Plus Shine Mist is a great product for removing mats and knots from your dog's fur. The spray contains high-quality ingredients that help to reduce the stress of brushing, leaving your dog's coat smooth and free of mats.

What You Should Know

The mist also leaves a shiny finish on your pet's coat, making it look healthy and clean. This spray is suitable for all dogs 8 weeks of age or older, making it an excellent option for grooming sessions at home. It can be used after a bath to keep your dog's fur smooth during drying time, or in between baths to keep his fur looking fresh.

This product is made in the USA with the same classic ingredients as the original BioSilk line, so you know you're getting high-quality results every time you use it.

We Love Doodles - Dog Shampoo, Conditioner, and Detangler

Best Detangling Spray for Dogs

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Why We Love It

The We Love Doodles Organic Dog Shampoo is a great option for those looking to keep their dogs' skin and coats healthy. It's made with certified organic ingredients, so you know it's safe for your pet.

What You Should Know

This shampoo contains nourishing coconut oil that helps to moisturize your dog's coat, leaving them soft and smooth. It also has a pleasant lavender scent that will leave your dog smelling nice while they dry off. The 4-in-1 formula effectively cleans, conditions, detangles, and moisturizes your dog's skin too - making this shampoo a complete package!

It may be on the higher end of the price spectrum compared to other brands but considering how much you're getting here it's worth every penny. This does not contain any harsh chemicals or dyes so it is completely eco-friendly too!

TropiClean Sweet Pea Cat & Dog Detangler Spray Dematting

Derived from Natural Ingredients

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Why We Love It

The Tropiclean Tropical Cat & Dog Shampoo and Conditioner is a great option for anyone looking for a tropical-themed shampoo and conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner are perfect for those who want to experience the feel of a tropical vacation, without having to leave their home.

What You Should Know

The shampoo contains coconut-scented shed control that helps to remove any dead hair left behind by your pet's grooming routine. The conditioner leaves your pet's coat feeling soft and smooth, making it easy to brush out any knots or tangles in your cat's fur after you've used this product.

This Tropiclean Tropical Cat & Dog Shampoo and Conditioner also comes in several other scents, including lavender, citrus blueberry, grapefruit mint, and more - so you can find one that suits your preferences best!

Burt's Bees for Dogs Natural Detangling Spray 

Natural Detangling Spray With Lemon

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Why We Love It

The Burt's Bees detangling spray for Dogs is a great option for those looking to keep their dog's fur tangle-free without causing any damage. The spray contains natural ingredients, such as lemon oil and linseed oil, which help to coat the fur and reduce buildup.

What You Should Know

It can be used between baths or as a complementary grooming solution, rather than a substitute for full grooming. This helps to prevent pulling during matted areas while also keeping fur tangle-free. It's also pH balanced so it works well on all types of dogs regardless of their coat type.

The bottle is large enough that you will get plenty of use out of it before having to refill it, which means less time spent buying replacements and more time enjoying your pup!

Wags & Wiggles Smooth Detangling Spray in Juicy Apricot

specially Formulated to Soften Your Dog's Coat

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Why We Love It

The Wags & Wiggles Smooth Detangling Spray is a great product for removing knots and tangles from your dog's fur. It's particularly useful if you're trying to brush out mats, as it softens the knot so that it comes out more easily.

What You Should Know

The product has a pleasant apricot scent that isn't overpowering or too sweet. The spray bottle is easy to use and convenient for travel, making it perfect for on-the-go grooming sessions. This is also an environmentally friendly option, with no toxins or harmful chemicals in the formula.

The only downside we found was that this doesn't work miracles on knots and tangles alone - you still need to brush your dog regularly to remove loose hair - but it does make things easier when brushing out mats is already done.

John Paul Pet Lavender Mint Detangling Spray for Dogs

Botanical Formula Detangling Spray

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Why We Love It

This John Paul Pet Mint Botanical Shampoo is a great option for anyone looking for a botanical shampoo that is safe for their pet's skin and fur. This shampoo contains 13 conditioning agents, including oatmeal, chamomile, and sweet almond oil, which help to nourish your pet's soft and smooth coat.

What You Should Know

The spray bottle makes it easy to apply the product to your dog or cat's coat without wasting any of the product, so you get the best results possible with each use. The mint scent in this formula adds a nice touch of freshness that helps keep your pet looking its best.

This shampoo also works well as a detangling spray between shampoos if needed, making it an even more versatile option when it comes to keeping your furry friend clean and smelling good all around!

Nature's Specialties Quicker Slicker Ready to Use Detangling Spray

Helps Restore Moisture

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Why We Love It

Nature’s Specialties Quicker Slicker Ready to Use Detangling and Conditioning Spray is the perfect solution for pet parents who are battling against tangles and mats. This easy-to-use multipurpose leave-in conditioning spray helps with brushing and detangling your pet before a bath. It helps to restore moisture and cuts your drying and brushing time in half. It also contains a proprietary blend of conditioners, purified water, high-quality grade cosmetic silicon, and pH balanced with a delicious smelling fragrance.

What You Should Know

Quicker Slicker is a professional groomer's secret weapon! It works in the removal and prevention of tangles and mats but can also be used on any coat as a finishing spray to leave a delightful slick shiny coat. The conditioners in the spray help with a dry brittle coat and you can also cut your drying time in half by misting Quicker Slicker on a damp coat after the bath. Quicker Slicker is a great static spray for taming unruly flyaways.

Nature's Specialties prides itself in the manufacture of premium products for dogs and cats which are used by many competitive groomers and pet-loving consumers. So why wait? Get your own Quicker Slicker Detangling and Conditioning Spray today!

BarkLogic Leave-in Conditioning Hair Detangling Spray

Dog & Puppy Detangler and Dematting Spray

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Why We Love It

BarkLogic Leave-in Conditioning Hair Detangling Spray Conditioner is the perfect solution for busy pet owners. Not only does it detangle your pup’s fur, making it easier to brush, but it also leaves their coat refreshed and soft. Plus, it’s infused with calming lavender essential oil to provide aromatherapy and stress relief. It’s also made with plant-based natural ingredients and is cruelty-free and vegan. You can count on it being 100% quality guaranteed and made in the USA.

What You Should Know

This spray is sulfate free, phthalate free, paraben free, PEG and DEA free so it's safe for both humans and pets alike. The formula is infused with tangerine essential oil to help hydrate and maintain a healthy skin oil balance. It also contains flaxseed and vitamin E to help protect fur from dryness or itchiness while keeping your dog's skin and coat healthy.

This hair detangler leaves my pup looking sleek without any knots or tangles in his fur - which makes brushing much easier! I can confidently say that this product will be part of our weekly routine from now on!

Veterinary Formula Solutions Gloss & Glide Detangler

Quickly Detangles Matted Hair

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Why We Love It

Veterinary Formula Solutions Gloss and Glide Detangler is an easy-to-use product that can be used to quickly remove knots and tangles from your dog's coat. This detangling spray is formulated with silk protein, DL-panthenol, and green tea extract for a vibrant-looking coat with natural shine.

What You Should Know

It is alcohol-free, anti-static, and dries quickly, which makes it ideal for use after bathing or when your dog has been in the rain. The bottle contains a large amount of product so you don't have to worry about having to purchase additional bottles as you run out of the first one. The conditioner also eliminates matting hair so your dog will look sleek and shiny when he's dry.

The price point on this product is reasonable considering its high-quality ingredients, making it a great option for anyone who wants their pet to look their best without breaking the bank.

Dr. Sniff Detangling Spray - Soothes & Moisturizes Dry Fur

Detangling Solution for Professional Pet Care

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Why We Love It

Dr. Sniff Odor Synthesis Shampoo is a great option for pet owners who want to avoid the harmful chemicals found in other shampoos and conditioners. This dog detangling spray works to remove odors and leaves your dog smelling fresh and clean all day long.

What You Should Know

The formula is made with organic ingredients, including coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, argan oil, aloe vera, and more. The spray also includes patented odor synthesis technology that helps keep your pet's scent fresh and clean all day long. It's important to note that this product does not contain any fragrances or sulfates so you will want to use it sparingly if you have a particularly sensitive nose.

It's also worth noting that this spray does not include luster agents so it won't leave your pup looking shiny or wet like some of the other dog detangler sprays on the market do. However, we did find that our dog had a tendency to lick her paws after getting out of the shower which may be why she was licking them in the first place!

Best Dog Detangler FAQs

You've got questions about dog detangler. We've got the answers! It can be difficult to know which product is best for your pet when you're bombarded with options and brands.

We've created a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about dog detanglers so that you can make an informed decision. Plus, we've included some of our favorite products in our Amazon-curated list below!

Do Dog Detanglers Work?

The short answer is yes, but there are a few caveats. Most detanglers on the market contain water and conditioners that help to smooth hair and eliminate tangles. However, these products don't penetrate deeply enough to remove deep-seated knots. If you have a dog with particularly knotty hair, you'll want to invest in a more powerful spray detangler like TropiClean Pet Products Knot Buster Spray or Bio Fresh Spa Dog & Cat Spray Grooming.

Dog detanglers also typically aren't meant to be used on extremely dry coats. The reason is simple: most of them contain ingredients that act as conditioning agents, such as oils or hydrolyzed proteins, which soften the hair shafts and make brushing easier. These same ingredients also add shine and volume to the coat – something many dog owners appreciate in their four-legged companions! But if your dog has brittle hair or suffers from seasonal allergies, using a detangler may cause additional tangling and discomfort for your pet. Instead, use an unscented baby shampoo when bathing your pooch until his coat starts growing back thicker and healthier.

What Is The Best Detangler For Poodles?

While poodles are a breed of dog, they have hair and not fur. Because their hair is so fine, it can be difficult to brush out any knots or tangles if you don't use the right products.

Poodles are also prone to getting oily skin and smelly coats if you're not diligent about brushing them regularly. Regular brushing for 15 minutes at least twice per week will go a long way toward keeping your poodle's coat healthy and tangle-free. If your poodle still seems to get tangled up often, look for a detangler specifically formulated for dogs with extra-fine hair like poodles. We recommend Gentle Leader® Perfect Coat Dog Shampoo & Conditioner as one of the best options on the market because it contains omega-3 fatty acids that help promote shiny coats while soothing dry skin without leaving behind an oily residue. It may seem counterintuitive, but omega-3 fatty acids actually make it easier for water to penetrate deep into your dog's coat instead of having them sit on top as a coating, which would weigh down their hair and cause tangling or matting. While this product is designed specifically for helping smaller dogs with fine coats keep their perfect coifs in check, we feel confident that even the shiniest pooch won.

Is There A Dog Detangling Spray?

Yes, if you have a dog with long hair and find it hard to brush through, then a detangling spray could be the solution. These dog detangler sprays are specifically designed to soften your dog's coat and make brushing easier for you.

Dog detangling sprays are also great for helping reduce any tangles that may occur during playtime or after a swim in the pool. We recommend spraying on the coat from about 12 inches away, being careful not to get water in their eyes. Then use a wide tooth comb or brush gently along their body starting at the back of their neck until you reach the tail. This will help prevent pulling on their hair and causing discomfort as well as preventing further tangling.

Some of the best dog detangler sprays we've come across include Fizz Away Dog Detangler Spray by Pet Assistant which contains aloe vera and jojoba oil as well as Dog Magic Coat & Waterless Shampoo by Four Paws which is specially formulated to control odors too. Alternatively, if you're looking for something more natural without chemicals then Earthbath makes an all-natural dog grooming spray which includes peppermint oil plus several other essential oils such as orange peel and lemongrass.

How Do I Stop My Dogs Hair From Matting?

If your Labrador has a double coat, then there is always the potential for matting to occur. Regular brushing will help prevent mats from forming, but sometimes they happen anyway. If you find that your dog's hair is constantly getting matted, then we recommend using a dematting spray or conditioner. These products are specially formulated to penetrate the hair shaft and loosen any knots or tangles without causing pain or skin irritation.

We also like the Furminator deshedding tool which removes dead undercoat fur without pulling on live topcoat fur (which can cause mats). This tool gently eliminates excess fur without disturbing your dog's natural shedding cycle (and it won't cause bald spots). Many Lab owners swear by this solution! Finally, if all else fails, make an appointment with a professional groomer for a full deshedding session and haircut. It may seem like a lot of work at first, but once you have eliminated the problem at its source you should only need to take your pet in for regular brushings.

What Is The Best Way To Get Matted Dog Hair Untangled?

The best way to get matted dog hair untangled is to use a detangling spray or detangling shampoo. Detangling sprays and shampoos are specially formulated to help loosen matted fur and make it easier to brush out. You can also use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb out the matted fur. If the matted fur is very severe, you may need to take your dog to a professional groomer for professional detangling and brushing.

Can You Detangle Matted Dog Hair?

Yes, it is possible to detangle matted dog hair. The best way to do this is to start by brushing the matted areas gently with a wide-toothed comb or dematting tool. Work slowly and be careful not to pull too hard on the fur as this can cause discomfort and pain for your dog. If the mats are too tight or too large to be brushed out, you can use a detangling spray or conditioner to help loosen the mats. Once the mats are loosened, you can brush them out with a wide-toothed comb. Finally, use a brush to smooth out the fur and make it look neat and tidy.

Should You Detangle Dog Hair Wet Or Dry?

The answer to this question depends on the type of dog hair you have. For non-shedding dogs, like poodles, it's best to brush when their hair is dry. For shedding dogs, such as collies, it's better to brush while they're wet.

You can easily determine the type of dog hair you have by brushing your pet and seeing how much comes off. You should also feel your dog's coat; if it feels greasy or oily, then it's non-shedding and best brushed dry. If you feel lots of little knots in your pet's coat, then he or she is a shedder and requires regular brushing while in the bathtub or after a walk through snow or mud (to prevent matting). 

What Is The Best Product For Matted Dog Hair?

Depending on your dog's breed and coat type, you may find that he is prone to getting matted hair. Many dogs – especially those with short, medium-length coats such as Poodles and Maltese – have hair that sticks together easily, forming mats across the body and legs. These mats can be painful for dogs to wear so it's important to work through them regularly by brushing or combing.

There are a number of tools that can help you work through matted dog hair including rubber grooming brushes which tend to be the most effective at removing deep-down mats. Rubber combs are another popular option as they're gentler on sensitive skin but they don't penetrate as deeply into the mat. Metal dematting tools are best avoided unless working through very small knots as they can cause discomfort or injury if not used correctly. Choose a tool based on your dog's coat type and how often you intend to groom him in order to prevent further tangles from forming. cat lovers consulting petMD also recommend using conditioners specifically designed for detangling dog hair including products from brands like Royal Canin, NaturaPet, Petrodex Dog Plus, and Natural Chemistry Joico Dog Grothkitz.

Why Is My Dog Matting So Bad?

It's not just a nuisance, it's unhealthy too. Dogs with matted fur are more susceptible to skin infections and the build-up of mats can put pressure on their bodies if they're overweight.

Grooming is also an important part of dog training. If you want to be able to give commands like sit or stay effectively, your dog needs to be listening and responding; and that won't happen if their attention is taken up by how uncomfortable they feel from the matting in their fur.

Dog hair can also get caught in other dogs' teeth as they play together, which could lead to them seriously injuring one another through biting too hard. Regular grooming will help avoid this kind of accident happening.

Why Does My Dog Get Matted So Quickly?

Dog coats are made up of double layers of fur. The top layer is called the guard coat and it's what protects your dog from getting wet or cold. The undercoat is much finer,

thinner, and softer, and it helps keep your pet warm when they're resting. This type of hair grows in cycles just like human hair does. The first phase is an active growth stage when a lot of undercoats grow to help keep your pet warm during winter months. Then it gradually thins out until there's no snow on the ground and no biting wind either — that's the rest period when dogs don't need as much insulation so their bodies stop making so much undercoat for a while.

The problem with this natural cycle is that all those fine hairs get tangled together as part of their growth process — so you have many thin interwoven strands being rubbed against furniture, other dogs, or humans by your dog walking around each day in their home environment . . . which is exactly where we find most matted dogs! You can see why if you brush them regularly or make sure they have somewhere comfy to lie down at home then mats won't form too quickly, but owners who let their pooch roam freely without brushing regularly will find matting builds up very quickly indeed!

The best dog detangler can make a big difference in your pet's comfort and appearance. With the right product, you can quickly get tangles out without causing any pain or damage to your fur. Our top picks offer great features like gentle brushing action, adjustable speed settings, lightweight design, non-stick brushes for minimal tugging on hair, and ergonomic handle designs for easy handling. Additionally, they come in different sizes and shapes to meet the needs of dogs of all breeds and coat types. Investing in a quality detangling tool will help keep your furry friend looking lovely while also reducing the risk of injury from grooming sessions.

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