If you're a dog parent, you likely know that treats are an important part of your pet's diet. They help to reward good behavior and aid in training. While there are hundreds of options on the market, it can be difficult to find just the right one for your pup.

One way to start is by considering what type of treat you want to buy: meat-based or plant-based. Meaty treats tend to be more highly sought after by dogs than plant-based ones because they closely resemble real meat, but some dogs have food sensitivities or simply do not like them as much. On the other hand, plant-based jerky treats are generally softer and easier for small dogs (or older dogs) to chew through.

Next up is choosing between hard or soft treats. Harder treats last longer and typically keep teeth clean, but many pups don't prefer them over softer alternatives. Soft treats tend to get chewed through quickly and can easily become gooey if left out too long, so they need constant replacement.

We hope you find your next favorite thing from the list below! Each product was independently selected by our editors. ConsistentReviews may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). We hope you find your next favorite thing!

How We Choose

We've reviewed the best dog jerky treats to help you find the perfect snack for your furry friends. Whether they're fussy about flavors or have some special diet needs, there's sure to be a good treat here for them.

We've taken into account things like ingredient quality and flavor variety so you can be confident that any treat on our list will be delicious and high-quality. We've also considered customer reviews so you can get an idea of what other owners are saying about each product.

If your pup is particularly picky, it might take a few treats and some trial and error before finding the right treat - but we're confident that with our help, you'll find something they love in no time!

Amazon Brand - Solimo Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

Feed to your dog as a snack or reward

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Why We Love It

The Solimo Chicken Jerky Treats are a great option for those pet parents who looking for high-quality dog jerky treats for their dogs. These best dog jerky treats contain no corn, wheat, or soy, making them a safe and healthy choice.

What You Should Know

The meat is sourced from USDA-approved farms, which means they're free from any harmful additives or preservatives. They also have an impressive 22% protein content, which helps keep your dog satisfied and full after eating the treat. The chicken is made using whole muscle cuts, so you know it's going to be tasty - we found that our dogs loved these jerky treats!

One of the best things about these treats is their price point. At just under $20 per bag, they're one of the most affordable jerky options on this list - perfect if you don't want to break the bank when buying your pet some snacks.

Full Moon Chicken Jerky Healthy All Natural Dog Treats

All natural treats are made from wholesome

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Why We Love It

The Perdue Full Moon Chicken Jerky is a great choice if pet parents looking for high-quality soft chicken jerky that's made with real chicken and, human-grade ingredients. This jerky is USDA certified and free of any artificial additives or colors, so you can rest assured that your dog will be getting the best possible nutrition.

What You Should Know

The jerky is made from 100% natural ingredients, which means it doesn't contain any fillers or byproducts. It's also free of corn, wheat, and soy—all common fillers in most other brands' products. The result is a truly healthy snack for your pup that will leave him feeling full and satisfied without weighing him down with unnecessary calories or additives.

We love the packaging on this product as well - it comes in an attractive box that makes it easy to store and transport without worrying about damage along the way. The jerky itself is packed into individual bags inside the box, making it easy to grab just what you need when you're ready to feed your dog something delicious!

Pur Luv Chicken Jerky Dog Treats for Dogs

Long-Lasting and Great Tasting Treat

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Why We Love It

The Pur Luv Chicken Jerky treats are great for dogs of all ages and sizes. They are made with real chicken breast, as the first ingredient, which is a huge plus if you're looking for a high-quality protein source.

What You Should Know

These snacks also have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives so they taste fresh and delicious. The limited ingredients feature on these treats means that you know exactly what's in your pet food so you can be sure it's healthy and balanced.

The best jerky dog treats help satisfy your dog's instinct to chew which is important for keeping their teeth strong and preventing dental disease down the road. Overall, this dog jerky treat is a great way to give your pup something healthy to munch on while still satisfying their natural urge to chew.

Blue Buffalo Nudges Jerky Cuts Natural Dog Treats

Nudges are now part of the Blue Buffalo family

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Why We Love It

The Blue Buffalo Nudges Jerky Cuts Natural Dog Treats are a great choice for any dog owner looking for high-quality dog treats that are made with real steak as the first natural ingredient. These jerky-cut dog treats have a rich and satisfying flavor that will keep your pet coming back for more.

What You Should Know

They're made with only the finest natural ingredients, including no chicken by-product meals, no corn, wheat, or soy. They also contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives so you can be sure your pet is getting something healthy to eat. The texture of these all-natural protein treats is soft enough to easily break apart and they taste great too!

These Nudges Natural Dog Treats Jerky Cuts Made With Real Steak come in an easy-to-open resealable bag making it convenient to store them on hand when you need a quick treat. They're perfect for rewarding your best friend when they do something good like keeping their paws off the remote or walking on a leash during walks!

Amazon Brand - Wag Soft & Tender American Jerky Dog Treats

No added colors or artificial flavors

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Why We Love It

The Wag brand of jerky treats for dogs is made in the USA and uses American beef as its #1 ingredient. These treats are soft and tender, making them easy for your dog to chew and break into smaller pieces.

What You Should Know

These treats are great for training or rewarding your pet for a job well done. They're also an excellent choice if you're looking for something that's not too sweet potato hard on their teeth but still contains some protein so they feel full and satisfied after eating it.

The six-ounce bag is large enough to last quite a while, but if you want more there's also a pack of 12 which will give you plenty to go around. Overall, these jerky treats from Wag are a great option when it comes to finding something that's both healthy and tasty for your dog.

Amazon Brand – Wag Chewy Whole Muscle American Jerky Dog Treats

Limited ingredient recipe

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Why We Love It

The Amazon WAG brand whole muscle chicken jerky dog treats are a great choice for those pet owners who looking for high-quality natural jerky dog treats. These best jerky dog treats are made with 100% US-sourced ingredients and are oven-baked to preserve freshness.

What You Should Know

They're also designed to be chewier and softer than typical jerkies, which makes them a good option if your pup hasn't had much experience with this type of treat. The product features an impressive number of satisfied reviews on Amazon, many of which praise the taste and quality of the jerky.

While they may not be as hard as some other brands, these tasty treats still pack a punch when it comes to flavor. We found that our dogs enjoyed the chicken flavor best out of all the meaty flavors of the options we tried; however, they did seem to enjoy both turkey and duck flavors too - so there's something here for everyone!

Waggin' Train Chicken Jerky for Dogs

Flavor That Dogs Love

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Why We Love It

Waggin' Train Chicken Jerky is a great choice for those dog parents who want to give their dog a new treat, that's both healthy and tasty. This jerky is made from real chicken breasts, which means it's high in protein and low in fat.

What You Should Know

It's also free from grains, corn, or any other fillers that could cause digestive upset. The treats are made with only two ingredients - chicken breast and vegetable glycerin - making them easy on your pup's digestion while still delivering the rich taste he loves.

The flavor of Waggin' Train Jerky Tenders is designed to be loved by most dogs, big or small, so you'll never have to worry about getting the wrong size if you're buying for someone else. And at 45 calories per piece, they're perfect for on-the-go meals when you need something quick and portable to keep your dog full without adding too many extra calories.

Farmland Traditions Dogs Love Chicken Premium Jerky Treats for Dogs

Dehydrated to lock in flavor and nutrients

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Why We Love It

The Farmland Traditions Jerky treats are a great choice for any type of dog. They come in different flavors and sizes, so you can find something that suits your pup's tastes.

What You Should Know

These jerky treats for dogs are made from farm-raised chicken, which is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. They're also gluten-free and corn-free, so they won't upset any sensitive tummies or cause food sensitivities. The small pieces are perfect for small breeds, while the large pieces make a great snack for larger dogs.

They're made without fillers or additives to keep things simple and natural - which is why we love them so much!

Rocco & Roxie - Jerky Dog Treats

Healthy Treats for Potty Training

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Why We Love It

The Rocco & Roxie Jerky Dog Treats are made with 100% real beef, and they're slow-roasted to give them that delicious beef jerky taste. These best jerky dog treats are perfect for training your dog because they're super motivating and tasty.

What You Should Know

The only downside is that they do tend to stain if you get some on your clothes, but it washes out easily. The soft texture makes them easy for small dogs to digest, so there's no need to worry about any harmful additives or fillers in the product. If you want a high-quality best-dog jerky treat that will keep your dog interested, these are worth checking out.

These treats have been designed by dog experts who understand what makes for a great reward when training dogs on new behaviors or tricks. They also make a great gift for someone who loves their pet and wants the best possible food for their needs.

Full Moon USDA Organic Chicken Jerky Healthy All Natural Dog Treats

Healthy Treats for Potty Training

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Why We Love It

If you're looking for a high-quality dog treat, look no further than Full Moon Organic Chicken Jerky. These USDA-certified organic soft chicken jerky dog treats are made in small batches using only 100% natural ingredients.

What You Should Know

Each bite is free from fillers, artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors so that your pup gets the real meat flavor he craves. The human-grade quality of these treats means if you wouldn't eat it yourself then why would you feed it to your dog?

Full Moon Organic Chicken Jerky has been handcrafted with care to ensure that your pup gets a healthy snack packed with protein and other nutrients. Made with U.S.-grown chicken raised antibiotic-free in small batches this product is sure to satisfy any canine appetite!

Best Dog Jerky Treats FAQs

There are a lot of dog owners who want to give their dogs treats but aren't sure what the best ones are.

It can be hard to know for pet parents where to start when looking for the best jerky dog treats for their dogs. There are so many different options out there! Plus, some questions you might have about this topic can seem tough to answer. We've created a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about jerky dog treats so that you can make an informed decision before making a purchase.

What Jerky Is Best For Dogs?

The best dog jerky depends on your dog's individual needs and tastes. The first question to ask yourself is whether your pooch enjoys the taste of dried meat or not. Some dogs love it, while others find it too strong and prefer their kibble treats instead.

If you have a picky dog, consider buying a variety pack so they can sample different flavors until they find one they like. If your pooch has any health concerns such as anemia, allergies, or protein deficiency, look for high-protein turkey jerky treats specifically made for dogs in that category.

Some people also believe rawhide treats are less healthy than alternatives like bully sticks and other dog jerky treats because the former contains chemicals that may give upset stomachs in some pets. Once you've decided what flavor(s) of a treat to buy, check the ingredients list for any unwanted additives like salt and sugar before purchasing to keep them at bay if possible.

Are Jerky Treats Good For Dogs?

Most dog owners want to treat their furry friends, and their dogs with something special now and then, especially if they've done something good. And it's no surprise that the majority of us like to give our pooches some treats now and then; after all, who doesn't love giving their pet some special attention?

Some people choose to give their dogs a bit of cheese or a small bowl of dog biscuits. However, there is also plenty of other best dog jerky treats options out there for you to consider. For example, many people think that jerky is a great choice when it comes to best dog jerky treats because it's made from 100% meat protein and contains no grains or fillers. Plus, most varieties contain fewer calories than your average dog biscuit too.

On top of this, many types of dog jerky treats are low in fat which means that they can help keep your canine's weight under control provided you don't feed them too much at any one time. Of course, as with anything else you give your pooch (including human food), please make sure that the treat variety you choose is suitable for them first by doing some research or consulting with a vet beforehand.

What Are High-End Dog Treats?

High-end treats are generally considered to be those that use higher-quality ingredients, including real meats and/or vegetables. Many high-end dog treats can even be found in human and pet food sections at grocery stores. High-end dog treats also tend to cost more than traditional dog treats, but some pet owners feel the price is worth it for the health and nutritional benefits their dogs receive from these types of treats.

High-end dog treats also typically have a higher content of protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, and antioxidants compared to regular pet treats. These healthy ingredients assist with brain development, joint health, and improved immune systems in dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky every day?

While beef jerky is a great treat, it's not the healthiest snack for your dog. Just like humans, most dogs need a certain amount of protein in their diets. Too much protein can cause kidney problems, so you don't want to give your dog too much jerky. Most veterinarians recommend giving dogs no more than one ounce of beef jerky per day. Be sure to monitor how much your dog eats and adjust the serving size depending on his weight and health issues. You may also want to experiment with other types of treats to find out what works best for your pet as every dog has different tastes and needs.

What Are The Top 10 Healthiest Dog Treats?

Not all dog treats are created equal, however. Here's a look at some of the best dog treats for your pooch and the reasons why. Peanut butter. It may sound strange, but peanut butter is a great option for dogs who have itchy skin. Peanut butter contains protein and healthy fats that can help soothe irritated skin. Chews Nylabone makes durable chews in different shapes and sizes to suit any type of dog's mouth. Be sure to choose one that fits securely in your pet's mouth so he won't be able to choke on it.

What Is The Healthiest Kind Of Jerky?

Most health experts agree that the best kind of jerky is made from 100 percent pure meat, without too many additives or preservatives. You'll find these products in most grocery stores, but they can be a little harder to find online. If you're buying jerky at a convenience store or gas station, look for products with as few ingredients as possible and no artificial colors or flavors.

Most dried meats are high in protein, so they make a great snack between meals to satisfy your hunger with fewer calories than something like chips or candy would have. They also contain several B vitamins to keep your energy up throughout the day. Just watch out for too much salt and nitrites – both of which are common in jerky and may promote cancer cell growth over time if you eat it often. Especially good brands include:

Can Dogs Have 100% Beef Jerky?

While 100% beef jerky tends to be the healthiest kind of jerky for dogs, it's important to choose a variety that is low in salt. Not all dog treats are created equal and you want to ensure your pooch gets a healthy snack that won't lead to health problems down the line.

You can find low-sodium beef jerky at the grocery store, but if you're interested in something even healthier, 100% grass-fed beef jerky is an excellent choice! The flavor may be different than regular dog jerky treat since it has no added flavors or preservatives, but this kind of treat also lacks many of the additives found in most other types of other dog jerky treats.

What Happens If My Dog Eats A Lot Of Beef Jerky?

While it's not likely to happen to many dogs, you might be wondering what would happen to dental health if your dog ate a lot of jerkies. We consulted with Dr. Michael Levine, DVM, and Chief Medical Officer at PetHealth Express, who explained that beef is an all-natural product for dogs so the dental health concern is more about volume rather than the specific type of meat.

The problem with your dog enjoying large quantities of jerky, or any other food really, is that it can lead your dog to gastrointestinal upset which could include vomiting and diarrhea. If your dog has eaten a lot of jerkies then you should monitor their condition over the next 24 hours by checking its poop and making sure they have access to fresh water.

If your dog seems distressed or in pain then you should contact your veterinarian immediately as this could be something more serious like gastrointestinal blockage or pancreatitis.

What Is Better Than Beef Jerky?

Pork jerky is our favorite alternative to beef, and there are plenty of reasons why it might be a better choice for you. For starters, pork is a healthier meat choice than beef: it has about half the calories and fat as well as less cholesterol.

Pork also tends to be more flavorful than beef, so if you're getting your jerky fix because you like things on the spicy side, pork is the way to go. Finally, while most people associate jerky with cowboys, in fact historically much of the production was centered around pigs raised on farms rather than cattle roaming ranches.

Is Beef Or Pork Jerky Better?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there are benefits and drawbacks to both. Pork tends to have a slightly milder flavor than beef while still having that classic jerky taste, so it's a good choice for people who prefer something on the mild side. However, pork also has less protein than beef jerky, so if you're looking for a high-protein snack then you may want to go with beef instead.

Pork also tends to be cheaper than beef jerky at most stores, so if cost is an issue for you then pork could be the way to go. Finally, pork has less fat content overall compared with beef which means it's better for your health in general as well as being more suitable for those on diets or watching their weight. On the flip side though, some people find that because it contains less fat pork can be dryer and lack some of the texture they prefer in their snacks.

Beef tends to have a stronger flavor than pork which makes it ideal if you like strong tastes and flavors in your foods. It also tends to have more protein and fewer calories overall when compared with pork jerky which again makes it things worth considering if your main concern is health rather than cost or taste. Finally, unlike its cousin meatier cousin rice is not often used as a base ingredient in beef jerky meaning it will offer more of an authentic experience rather than just tasting like salty cardboard covered in BBQ sauce (yes we've tried them all).

The best dog jerky treats are excellent snacks for dogs of all sizes and ages. Not only are they tasty, but also nutritious and digestible. They provide a good source of high protein, which helps boost your pup's energy levels as well as aid in muscle recovery post-workout. Additionally, many brands offer different flavors and styles so you can choose one that fits your pet's preferences perfectly. Dogs love the chewy texture of these best jerky treats, along with their tantalizing flavors like beef, turkey, or salmon – making them ideal for on-the-go feeding or training sessions. All in all, selecting a great, many jerky treats for your furry friend is an excellent way to reward them for being such amazing companions!

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