Shedding is a natural process, but it can be a messy one. If your dog has you coming home to clumps of fur on the floor or stuck to your clothes and sofa, it may be time for you to consider the best dog food formulated specifically for shedding.

Before you go shopping, though, there are some factors you should know about so that you can find the best dog food for shedding. First and foremost, look at your dog's age as well as his breed and weight. Generally, younger dogs shed more than older ones because their bodies are still developing. Some breeds tend to do more than others do too — think Dachshunds versus Golden Retrievers! Finally, consider whether your furry friend is overweight or underweight because extra pounds can add even more hair flying around from already-outgoing follicles.

Once you've figured out what kind of coat your pup has and where he stands on the scale weighing system, it's time to learn about the ingredients that make up quality dog foods for shedding. These recipes typically include top-quality proteins that provide essential amino acids along with omega fatty acids.

Other beneficial components of skin care dog food include antioxidants like vitamins C and vitamin E as well as probiotics such as lactobacillus acidophilus to keep digestive systems running smoothly while also preventing skin issues like hot spots due to extra skin contact with saliva during chewing.

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How We Choose

We looked at a variety of factors when choosing the best dog food for shedding, including protein levels, ingredient sources, and guaranteed analysis. We also read through hundreds of customer reviews to get an idea of real-world satisfaction with the best dog food for shedding. In the end, we ended up with a list of the best dog food for shedding with five formulas that seemed to meet all our criteria.

Protein levels are an important consideration when choosing the best dog food for shedding—you want one that has at least 25% crude protein. This ensures your pup has enough building blocks to maintain its beauty. Additionally, look for ingredients like salmon, trout, and lamb; they're rich in proteins that are naturally easier to digest.

Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Dog Food With Probiotics for Dog

High in protein to maintain lean muscle

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Why We Love It

The Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Shredded Blend Chicken and Rice formula is a great choice for any small breed dog. It's formulated to help keep your pet active with high-quality animal protein, and vitamins A and E.

What You Should Know

The kibble is made with real chicken as the first ingredient, chicken fat, which helps maintain healthy skin and shiny fur. The food also contains prebiotic fiber from wheat bran, which nourishes beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. This helps healthy digestion, keeping your pup regular so he doesn't have to visit the vet too often!

We love that this food comes in a variety of sizes to suit your pup's needs - from 6 lbs up to 24 lbs of food per bag. With such a large selection available, it's easy to find one that fits within your budget - making this an affordable option for any budget-conscious owner on a tight schedule!

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food

For sensitive skin

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Why We Love It

The Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Adult dog food is designed to help support your adult dog's digestive health and skin appearance. These high-quality best dog foods contain prebiotic fiber to nourish the gut bacteria and support a balanced microbiome and immune health, while also providing vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids to help maintain a full promoting healthy skin.

What You Should Know

The chicken meal recipe in this diet is formulated with natural ingredients that provide essential nutrients for your pet's well-being. The grain-free formula adult dog food is packed with antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, which helps keep your dog happy and healthy! The digestive care formula in this dog food also helps reduce GI distress, which can be especially important for older dogs.

This product has been carefully crafted by experts using only the highest quality natural ingredients. It's made in America with global ingredients you can trust - so you know it will be of the very best quality!

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties – Grain-Free Dog Food

Helps Support Whole Body Health

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Why We Love It

Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties are a great choice for anyone looking to feed their dog a raw diet. The patties are made from 100% organic fruits and vegetables, and they're packed with vitamins and minerals to help your pup stay healthy.

What You Should Know

These freeze-dried patties have no fillers or artificial preservatives, so you know your dog is getting the best nutrition possible. They also contain probiotics to support digestive health, which means less chance of upset tummies. And since these patties start with only 95% grass-fed beef, organs, and bone—and not any fillers—your pup can get all the protein he needs without having to worry about digestibility issues.

The Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties come in five different flavors: Beef, Turkey, Duck, Salmon, and Veggie. Each bag contains 14 ounces of dog food ingredients so you'll have plenty on hand for busy households or multiple dogs. These freeze-dried raw patties are easy to prepare - just add water if needed - so there's no need to cook them ahead of time or worry about messes!

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

help dogs maintain a healthy weight

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Why We Love It

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is the best dog food that was created to provide your pet with the best nutrition possible. The company prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients in its recipes, which means you're getting a high-quality product when you buy this dog food.

What You Should Know

It's made up of 100% real meat and organs, along with vegetables and fruit for added antioxidants and vitamins. It also contains omega fatty acids to help support your pet's immune system health as they get older. The formula is designed to keep your dog at a healthy weight, so there's no need to worry about them gaining any unwanted pounds while eating this food.

One thing we liked about Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is that it comes in 30lb bags, making it easy for you to portion out enough for multiple meals per day if needed. This helps ensure that your pet gets enough nutrients without overfeeding them or having to eat more than they need just because it's convenient for you.

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Dog Food

help dogs maintain a healthy weight

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Why We Love It

The Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Salmon and Rice Formula is a high-quality dog food that's designed to provide your pet with the balanced nutrition they need to be healthy and happy.

What You Should Know

These dog foods contain real salmon as their first ingredient, which is a great choice for those looking for a protein-rich diet. The oatmeal is also an excellent addition, as it's easily digestible and gentle on the digestive system. This formula is formulated to be sensitive toward tummy troubles so you can rest assured your furry friend will feel right at home when eating this tasty dog food.

The only downside we found on most dogs was that some of our reviewers noted that their dogs had an unpleasant reaction to the flavor. However, if your pup doesn't like salmon then this may not be the best fit for them.

Purina ONE Chicken and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

Supports dog's strong muscles

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Why We Love It

The Purina One Chicken and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food is a high-quality product that was designed specifically with your dog's health in mind. This was created by experts who understand the unique needs of dogs, which is why it contains ingredients that were selected for their ability to support a healthy immune system and digestive tract.

What You Should Know

The natural chicken flavor in this food helps to provide crucial nutrients while avoiding artificial flavors or colors. The glucosamine sources found in the chicken meal in this formula help to promote joint health, which is great news if you have a dog with arthritis or other joint issues. The added antioxidants help to keep your dog's skin and coat looking their best, making this food an ideal choice for any breed or size of dog.

One thing worth noting about this dry dog food is that it does contain some fillers, but they are all derived from plant materials rather than meat products. It also has some grains as an ingredient, but these are not processed in any way so they retain more of their original nutritional value. Overall, if you're looking for a high-quality brand that understands what goes into making a good meal for your pet - look no further than the Purina One Chicken and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food!

IAMS Adult Minichunks Small Kibble High Protein Dry Dog Food 

Helps in healthy digestion

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Why We Love It

The IAMS brand is known for producing high-quality dog food that caters to a variety of different breeds and sizes of adult dogs. This particular product, called Minichunks Small Kibble, is specifically designed for smaller adult dogs, who may not be able to eat large kibbles.

What You Should Know

The 30-pound bag contains six different flavors of food, including turkey, salmon, and duck. The real chicken in this recipe provides high protein content which helps support healthy muscle development in your pet. It also contains prebiotics to help maintain digestive health and antioxidants to support healthy skin and a strong immune system.

This dry dog food comes in small chunks making it easy for your pet to eat without getting any unwanted pieces stuck in their throat or mouth. Overall, we think this is a great option if you're looking for high-quality kibble that's ideal for smaller dog breeds or older dogs who can't eat as much at a time.

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Paws For Small Breed Dogs

Specially formulated for a little dog's stomach

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Why We Love It

The Hill's Science Diet Small Paws is a great choice for small-breed dogs. The food is made with high-quality animal protein and nourishing omega-6 fatty acids to help maintain healthy skin and a healthy coat.

What You Should Know

The kibble size is smaller, so it's better suited for small dogs' sensitive stomachs. It also contains natural ingredients that are never artificial colors, artificial flavors, or chicken byproduct meals. This makes it a good option if you're looking for something that will be easy on your dog's body since it doesn't contain any harsh additives.

The calorie content of this dog food for shedding is higher than other options on the market, but when compared to other foods in its price range, it still falls within an acceptable range. One drawback of this dog food for shedding is that the serving size can be slightly misleading - while the bag says 4 cups per day, we found that most people feed less than half of that amount at one time which means you'll need to buy multiple bags to meet your pet's needs over time.

Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food

helps your pet's overall health and wellness

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Why We Love It

The Purina Pro Plan Dog Food with Probiotics is a great choice for any dog owners that want to boost their immunity and digestive health. This high-quality natural dog food features probiotics, which help keep your pup healthy naturally.

What You Should Know

Real chicken as the first ingredient in this formula provides plenty of protein to keep your furry friend satisfied and full. Rice is an excellent source of carbohydrates for energy, so you don't need to worry about him getting bored with his food. It also contains other high-quality natural ingredients such as green beans, sweet potatoes, and peas - all of which are good for your dog's health.

This product comes in a variety of flavors including Chicken & Rice, Duck & Sweet Potato, and Lamb & Pumpkin – making it easy for you to find something that appeals to both you and your pet. Not only does this dog food taste great but it also contains 100% complete nutrition so you know your dog's food is getting the best possible care when eating this brand.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Grain-Free Recipe with Roasted Bison and Venison Adult Dry Dog Food

Helps in healthy digestion

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Why We Love It

The Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Recipe Dry Dog Food is a great choice for dogs that prefer a grain-free diet. This recipe features real meat as its ingredient, including bison and venison.

What You Should Know

The high protein content in this natural dog food helps to support strong muscles, joints, and lean muscle mass. The superfoods blend includes fruits and vegetables to provide antioxidants for a healthy lifestyle. Taste of the Wild dog food also provides 32% protein which is higher than many other brands on the market today.

This grain-free recipe contains sweet potatoes and peas which are rich in prebiotics - these ingredients help to promote digestive health by providing beneficial bacteria for optimal digestion. Overall, we found that our dog loved this tasty meal and it's worth noting that it's made with quality ingredients from trusted domestic sources - making it an affordable option for dog owners.

Best Dog Food For Shedding FAQs

You want to do what's best for your furry friend, but with all of the information out there about different brands and types of dog food, it can be tough to figure out which one is best.

It can also be hard to know where to look for this information. We've created a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about choosing the right food based on your needs and wants as well as curated responses from some of our favorite verified sources below.

What dog food helps reduce shedding?

There are a few different premium dog food options that can help reduce shedding. Look for foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, which can help keep your dog's skin and coat healthy. Additionally, those that are high in fiber can help reduce shedding by helping to keep your dog's digestive system healthy. Finally, look for dog foods that are specifically formulated for dogs with shedding problems. These dog foods often contain ingredients that can help reduce sheddings, such as biotin, vitamin E, and zinc.

What do vets recommend for shedding?

Vets generally recommend brushing your pet regularly to help reduce shedding. Brushing helps to remove loose fur and dander, which can reduce the amount of fur that is shed around the house. Additionally, regularly bathing your pet with a gentle shampoo can help reduce the amount of shedding. Regularly trimming your pet's fur, especially if they have long fur, can also help reduce shedding. Finally, providing your pet with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise can help keep their coat healthy and shiny coat throughout.

Does dog food affect shedding?

Yes, dog food can affect shedding. Poor quality dog food can lead to nutritional deficiencies which can cause excessive shedding and skin irritation. A poor diet lacking essential fatty acids can also lead to dry skin and excessive shedding. Feeding you a diet that is rich in essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 fatty acids, can help reduce a dog's excessive shedding too. Additionally, feeding your dog a high-quality diet that is balanced and contains all the essential nutrients can help reduce shedding as well.

How can I reduce my dog's shedding?

The best way to reduce your dog's shedding is to brush them regularly and provide them with a healthy diet. Brushing will help remove excess fur and dander, and a healthy dog's diet will ensure that your dog's coat is healthy and strong. Regular grooming is also important to help keep your dog's coat in good condition. To reduce shedding in dogs, consider using supplements or special foods and giving them regular baths to keep their coat clean.

Why is my dog shedding so much?

There are a few potential causes for excessive shedding in dogs. It could be due to seasonal changes, or health issues such as food allergies or parasites. If your dog is shedding more than normal, it is best to consult your veterinarian to rule out any serious health issues. Additionally, it is important to make sure your dog is on a balanced diet and receiving the proper balanced nutrition. Healthy skin and a healthy coat are essential for reducing shedding, so make sure your dog's diet is getting the right nutrients. Finally, regular brushing and grooming can help prevent excessive shedding and keep your pup's coat healthy and shiny.

Will olive oil in dog food help with shedding?

Olive oil is a great source of healthy fats and can help to nourish and moisturize the skin and coat of your dog, which can reduce shedding. The fatty acids in olive oil can help to keep the skin hydrated and reduce inflammation, which can help to reduce the amount of shedding. Additionally, olive oil is a great source of antioxidants, which can help to protect your dog's skin from damage caused by free radicals. Olive oil can also help to improve the overall health of your dog's coat and skin.

Does fish oil reduce dog shedding?

Fish oil can help reduce shedding with coat health and skin health in dogs because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep the coat healthy. Omega-3 fatty acids help keep healthy coat, skin, and fur hydrated and help reduce inflammation, which can lead to excessive shedding. Additionally, fish oil can help improve the coat's shine and texture, making it look healthier. Speak to your veterinarian for more information.

Do bananas help dogs with shedding?

Bananas can be beneficial for dogs with shedding as they are a source of essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. The high levels of vitamin C, B6, and potassium in bananas can help to promote healthy skin and coat. The dietary fiber in bananas can also help to improve digestion and reduce shedding. However, it is important to note that bananas should not be the only source of nutrition for your dog, as they need a balanced diet to stay healthy.

Do eggs reduce shedding in dogs?

Yes, eggs can be beneficial for reducing shedding in dogs. The high protein content of eggs helps to build strong, healthy coat and hair follicles, which can reduce shedding. Additionally, the fatty acids found in eggs can help to nourish the skin and coat, leading to a healthier, shinier coat. Eggs are also a great source of biotin, which is essential for hair.

What vitamin deficiency causes shedding in dogs?

A vitamin deficiency can cause shedding in dogs, specifically a deficiency in vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin and coat in dogs, and a lack of it can be coat and lead to excessive shedding. Additionally, vitamin A deficiencies can also cause dry, flaky skin, dandruff, and itching. If you suspect your dog may have a vitamin A deficiency, it is best to consult with your veterinarian to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

What Causes A Dog To Shed Excessively?

There are several reasons why a dog may shed more than usual. A change in environment, such as moving to a new home or getting a new pet cat, can upset the dog's routine and cause stress, which is linked to excessive shedding. Other possible causes of excessive hair loss include poor nutrition, underlying skin health problems, immune diseases, irritated skin, and changes in the weather.

What Is A Natural Remedy For Dog Shedding?

There are several natural remedies for excessive dog shedding, including herbs, water, and diet. According to, peppermint is a popular remedy for dogs with dry skin and excessive shedding. Mix 2 to 3 drops of peppermint oil into your dog's food daily. Baths can help reduce dead hair as it loosens from the undercoat. Use warm water and a natural or dog shampoo that won't irritate your pet. Some people find success using homeopathic nosodes – very diluted solutions obtained by killing disease-causing pathogens such as bacteria – in their dogs' drinking water to reduce shedding. However, there is little scientific evidence supporting this practice.

What Do Vets Recommend For Shedding?

It's important to note that all dogs shed and that finding a solution is essential to keeping your home clean. However, certain breeds are naturally more heavy shedders than others. If you have one of the dog breeds known for being heavy shedders, it's especially important to use a high-quality brush or comb and plenty of dog treats when brushing, as well as regular grooming sessions with a professional.

Choosing the best dog food for shedding can be a difficult task, but with proper research and an understanding of your pet's dietary needs, you can find a suitable option that will help reduce excess fur in no time! Be sure to look out for ingredients such as protein, fat content, fiber, and other nutrients when making your selection. Additionally, check the label for information about ingredient quality and processing methods used during production. With these tips in mind, you're sure to find a great fit for both you and your furry friend!

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